I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado and there was never a time I wasn’t drawing on something, everything.  From a very young age I received immeasurable support from my family in my pursuit to develop my own art.  Every flat surface in my Mom’s and Grandma’s house had an easel, paint spots, pencil shavings and piles of random sketches on it.  Influenced by Hip Hop culture and my peers, I began graffiti writing competing with writers from all over the Denver-Metro area.  I left for collage in 1999 earning a degree in business management and thanks to a state funded program I was able to refine my art and begin tattooing in 2004.  My goals as an artist are to never become stagnate and to develop the skills everyday to help me translate my clients ideas into a permanent  piece of art the love for the rest of their  lives.

Colorado Springs

If you’d like to set up an appointment or consultation please call or text: 720.999.5394

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