Lovely Shoulder

I included the line work for this tattoo to illustrate to future clients that the art preparation is very minimal. More often than not, doing a full scale/fully shaded drawing would take longer than the actual tattoo. The purpose of this website is to act as my online portfolio; showcasing my perceived strengths as I see them.  Either a potential client likes my featured work or he doesn’t. I’ve seen plenty other artists whose work is phenomenal but is not fitting to my desired style when choosing my own tattoo artist.  It would be completely unreasonable to ask of an artist of MY choosing to prove herself to me before the “honor” of tattooing me.  With respect and in general faith, I would allow my artist to prepare for the tattoo however they see fit.  I ask only the same from others.  I am grateful to have the opportunity to permently put my art on another human being, but I never feel beholden to them for the simple reason that they sought me out.  Jesus, I’m firmly planted on my soapbox today…  Just don’t break my balls and I’ll try not to fuck up your tattoo. Thank you, come again.

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