Earlier this year I had taking some time off and began drawing tattoo designs for a website called to generate some extra cash flow.  The basic premise of this site is that people looking to get a new tattoo utilize a hundred or so designers to help create there tattoo design.



The clients art request are emailed to all the participating artists with a time limit for completion.

The artist that want to participate in helping this client come up with a design idea then submit there drawings which are judged by the client on a five star system.  Sounds like a great idea right?

Not so much…



What ends up happening is clients a sent a ton of photoshop creations of there ideas stolen from other tattoos/drawings that were easily found using the right key words on Google.  I’m all about expanding from and referencing others art but never outright stealing someone else’s art.

On top of all that there are a crazy amount of submissions  that are simply not tattoo worthy: Image


Any tattoo artist I know would have to re-design this entire Photoshop piece above to make it into a tattoo that would stand the test of time.  Unfortunately, only a tattoo artist with some any experience would be able to see this and some poor shmuck payed good cash money dollars for it off of this website.

In short, if your thinking of getting a tattoo please take the time and visit your local shops.  Take a look at each artist individual portfolios for a style you like.  If that artist isn’t capable of drawing you’re custom design for you move on. Please be open to changes in your design as well this, as tattoo artists, is what we do everyday. We know what works. 


One thought on “ Scam!

  1. As much as I agree with you, I’ve designed for this place before and although clients and artist alike changed my design to make it possible, I still feel that my initial are was the base foundation for what could become an even better design for someone than what I originated in the start. But at least they liked my style and idea and than really turned into something special, something they just needed a little help getting out. The contests that I have won feel justified that createmytattoo and myself have not scammed anyone but delivered the dream in visualization. A true artist understands that in all recreations of their art, someone is going to give it that little extra flare.

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