Chef Survival Kit

Chef Survival Kit

Yesterday was a much needed reminder of why I enjoy my work. I was able to make a connection with a person whose path I would never have crossed in any other meaningful way. A new client of mine suffered the loss of his mother to cancer and in his early 40’s is now beginning a new career in a new state with a new perspective of life. He had a great idea for a tattoo to incorporate his passion as a chef, his mothers passing, and there mutual devotion to their God.
It was great for me to be reminded that no matter how different a person’s background is, we as human beings all can appreciate and identify with, in our own way, the feelings of loss and of new beginnings. We got deep into conversation about our goals and aspirations that I typically wouldn’t even be interested in discussing. I, more often than not, don’t want to hear anything personal about my clients, let alone share any of my infinite wisdom. A lot of times I have a hard time being interested finding out why a person wants a tribal or a Jack the Pumpkin King tattoo, I’m sorry, but it’s lame, meaningless, and been done to death. I mean come on, what are is a person representing to the world getting a tattoo that a thousand other people already have? I know it’s there bodies and I shouldn’t be so judgmental but I’m an artist that you are paying $100 an hour to permanently mark your body, be some kind of an individual like the chef was. Be someone; say something even if it’s only to yourself.

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