Rights you say? I’ll have two please.

Motorola announced yesterday a technology that I was under the impression had already been released and in use by law enforcement. Basically it is a system that is fitted to patrol cars whether it is the state patrol, sheriff’s department or local police that allows the cruiser to collect information via front and rear cameras. The cameras scan license plates of cars in traffic and, within a couple of seconds, run the tags for stolen cars, known felons and warrants. This technology is so precise, that even if there is a difference of 130 mph in the passing of another vehicle it will still be able to pull up a tag and run it in the law enforcements database.

Who is surprised by this?

I can video chat on an IPod wirelessly while simultaneously listening to satellite radio and play Call of Duty. An IPod touch is $300 new. How much state and federal income tax does the law enforcement community have at its disposal? I recently read someone playing the violation of privacy violin concerning this. We all know the type. The guys and gals who haven’t really ever been violated in their life are going to be the ones who bitch about this shit. Concerning the privacy laws in the U.S., Wikipedia says this, “The essence of the law derives from a right to privacy, defined broadly as “the right to be let alone.”

I, unfortunately, know better.

I posses privileges, not rights. It is a privilege for me to work, drive, buy groceries or even take a shit in privacy. I believe the utilization of technology by cops is necessary and fair game. The scanning of license plates is proactive. If you have unpaid parking tickets and are cruising around you think it isn’t time to ante up? If you have a felony on your record and your tag gets run why wouldn’t a cop give you a second look?

It’s a privilege to be free. 

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